Android Keylogger Hidden Keyboard

However, if Android Keylogger falls into the hands of hackers, it can be dangerous. Critical information, such as usernames and passwords, is often entered on the keyboard, and these fraudulent elements can abuse them.

What is keylogger

What is keylogger

There are several types of keyloggers, depending on the type of crucial login method. Key registration involves tracking and recording each keypress performed on a keyboard without the user’s consent and knowledge. It can be in the form of a hard hardware device or software. The most important aspect of the keylogger to use the login to access confidential information such as username, password, credit card numbers, and the like.


What are the uses of a Keylogger?

Keylogger use

Keyloggers are useful for parents to use the Android keylogger by which they can track children’s activities without having to notice.

It can also be an essential safety perspective to monitor the behavior of your employees. They can receive notifications about activities through keyloggers. Therefore, keyloggers used to maintain employee behavior at the desired level.

Wives/husbands can also use keylogger technology to track the activities of their spouses if they feel that their spouses are engaging in extramarital affairs. Even in the case of programs like WhatsApp, Snapchat, when searching in the browser, cell phone calls can be tracked using keylogger technology. In other words, Android keylogger applications and help a lot in monitoring the activity of the spouses.

Choosing a Good Android Keylogger

Today i’m telling you about offline keylogger for android. Many keyloggers in the market, but I want to say to you about offline keyboard keylogger, it’s free and uses efficiently.

Android Keylogger Apps

Shadow – Kid’s Key Logger is the best android keylogger keyboard app for saving a keystroke.

Shadow - Kid's Key Logger install

How to install 

Simple, open the google play store and search Shadow – Kid’s Key Logger and install. Easy to use after installing click on open and click on activate shadow. Android keylogger activationWhen you click on activate, shadow popup appears to click on proceed and open virtual keyboard setting and enable Simple IME. Now ready your keylogger keyboard.

Shadow - Kid's Key Logger enable


How to use

Shadow is a monitoring android application like facebook, twitter, and whatsapp. Shadow will also help you when one of your friends asks for your phone to use it for ten minutes, but you don’t trust him or her. So what can you do is? You can activate SHADOW and give the phone to your friend. When he/she returns, your can check logs on your phone. SHADOW will record every key.

Key Logger save logs


So this is a quick tutorial on Android Hidden Keyboard. Thanks for reading and share your thoughts and comments with us in the section below.


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Android Keylogger Hidden Keyboard

However, if Android Keylogger falls into the hands of hackers, it can be dangerous. Critical information, such as usernames and passwords, is often entered...

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