Kali Linux 2019.4 Released New Features With New DE, Undercover Mode And More

What’s new in Latest Kali Linux 2019.4

  • New Desktop Environment
  • New GTK3 Theme
  • Kali Undercover
  • Kali Documentation Updates
  • BTRFS during setup
  • PowerShell
  • NetHunter Kex

New Desktop Environment

With the new version, Kali has adopted a new default desktop environment: Xfce. Xfce is still more suitable for Kali since it consumes relatively less resources and is faster. There are configuration options available in Xfce on a scale that is quite difficult to achieve in GNOME, and the operating system is for hackers. Penetration testers, Xfce is more suitable.

Another reason to choose Xfce was the fact that they wanted users to feel the same UI on whatever hardware they use. For example, Kali compilations are available for ARM-based systems, such as Raspberry Pi, and those distributions use Xfce, due to their light nature. Users can now have the same user interface feeling for each device they use Kali.

Kali Linux latest version 2019.4

New GTK3 Theme

With the new DE, there is also a new theme. As the official release says, they have been using the same interface and user interface for a long time, but they felt it was time for a more modern look now. The iconic Kali Linux logo has also renewed.

Kali Undercover Mode

This is a fascinating and best new feature. There is a command that allows users to switch to the Windows 10 theme instantly. This is a very useful feature because if someone is doing an important work of penetration testing in a public environment and wants to remain in a low profile, they can switch to a similar Windows theme and keep it informal.

Kali Linux undercover mode

Kali Documentation Updates

The developers have moved the operating system documentation to a new public repository of Markdown Git. Users can contribute directly to documentation, which is a step towards better transparency and a faster development environment.

They also plan to add the complete documentation in the main directory of users in future versions to facilitate their work in a closed and closed environment.

BTRFS during setup

Another important new addition to the documentation is the use of BTRFS as your root file system. This is a fantastic approach documented by Re4son, which, when it does, gives you the ability to do file system rollbacks after updates.

When you are in a virtual machine and are about to try something new, it will often take a snapshot in case things go wrong; you can quickly return to a known good state. However, when you run Kali bare metal, that is not so easy. So you end up being more careful, or if things go wrong, you have to do a lot of manual cleaning. With BTRFS, you have this same snapshot capability in a bare-metal installation!

As this is new, it is not yet integrated into our installer. Once we receive some comments on how it works for everyone, the next step is to simplify this and make it an easier option in our installer. So, if you try it, be sure to tell us how it works for you!


In other features in case you missed it PowerShell is now in Kali. You can install PowerShell in kali using the command (apt-get install PowerShell). This has been great to be able to run PowerShell scripts directly in Kali.

Kali Linux Powershell

Kali Linux Powershell

NetHunter Kex 

NetHunter allows users to use a full-featured Kali desktop system from their phones. With an HDMI output and a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, users can easily access Kali’s full potential anywhere.

If you have a powerful enough smartphone, you can run Kali as a beautiful full ARM desktop anywhere. This opens up many possibilities for professional pen-testers.

Kali Linux Nethunter

If you know more about other features in detail, read the Kali Linux 2019.4  official release on the Kali Linux website.

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Kali Linux 2019.4 Released New Features With New DE, Undercover Mode And More

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